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Our Values

Exceed Customer Expectations

Exceeding expectations starts with delivering high-quality products and services; however, it also includes being flexible, providing key feedback, and building trust with our customers. We aim to build long-term customers that will act as our champions.

Be A Great Partner

We cannot be successful alone. We need to actively develop and foster relationships with key vendors. Being a great partner means being fair and honest with our vendors and requiring the same in return.

Empower Our Employees

Our employees are our most important stakeholders. Unless our employees feel valued and appreciated, we cannot be successful. Empowering our employees means fostering an environment where we are willing to go the extra mile for one another and have the confidence to act.

Integrity in Everything We Do

Long-term success of Canterbury Press is dependent on our willingness to do what is right regardless of the immediate result. We must always act with integrity.

Our Team


Patrick Blackburne, Owner & CEO
Direct: 470-689-3030
Cell: 847-721-1072

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Denis Blackburne, Owner & CFO
Cell: 912-224-2169

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Sharon Woodley, Production Manager
Direct: 470-689-3033

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Jonathan Agin

Senior Account Executive
Direct: 470-689-3049
Cell: 770-309-4908

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John Carter

Senior Account Executive
Direct: 470-689-3041
Cell: 770-826-9830

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Andy Huff

Senior Account Executive
Direct: 470-689-3031
Cell: 404-786-3408

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Dave Tester

Senior Account Executive
Direct: 470-689-3050
Cell: 678-410-9224

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Customer Service

Linda Meyer

Project Coordinator
Direct: 470-689-3044

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Ricardo Garay

Project Coordinator
Direct: 470-689-3038

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